It all started when...

About a year ago, I was having dinner with my good friend Jen. Jen mentioned a friend of hers who was writing handwritten letters for 100 days in a row. Aptly named #The100DayProject, the idea is to tackle a project by consistently doing a thing (making, performing, writing, trying, acting, playing, etc.) for 100 days straight. The goal isn’t on finalized products, but rather the process and showing up every day. To forget about outcomes and become immersed in the process of creating.

For 2017, I’m applying the 100 day logic to three major projects that are outside the norm of my routine. 

  1. Speak Spanish for 10 minutes everyday
  2. Play guitar for 10 minutes everyday 
  3. Read fiction for 10 minutes everyday

Starting with Spanish, I plan on documenting my journey on these project, and maybe future projects, here. 

You can check out the full blog post I wrote on this here.


65 days in

At 65 days into 100 days of speaking Spanish, the process is admittedly going slower than expected. I started at 5% fluency according to Duolingo, and right now I'm at 8%. My goal was to reach 50% fluency in 100 days, which now looks extremely far fetched!

Regarding consistency, I have missed five of the last 65 days. Each day my goal is to use Duolingo (writing, speaking Spanish) for ten minutes. On days I've missed, I have made up for it by speaking for 20 minutes the next day on two occasions (depending on how much time I've had that day to allocate more time).

My goal in this journey is to build consistency. So overall, although I've missed a few days, this is by far the most consistently I've practiced a second language. I could see this 100 day challenge extending past the first 100 days to 200. Otherwise, there's no way I'll reach my goal of 50% fluency or even close. Perhaps I'll attack only two of the aforementioned three projects this year?

More to come.